Established in 1978 by Scaglia’s family, T.S.M. S.r.l. is a galvanization firm which has its productive and legal offices in Trenzano, Brescia, Italy.
The company operates in the field of galvanic rotary barrels treatments , (brass, zama and iron material),  whith great results in quality and delivery.

According to the latest regulations in force in many countries like Germany, United States and Spain that required the total absence of nickel on the particle treated, T.S.M. has specialized its work in processing nickel free by using up miralloy baths (salt hermetic).

T.S.M. works in several markets like ready to wear, furniture, giftware, home accessories, religious articles, medals, taps and fittings, pipefittings, bolts, screws, and small metallic items.